Collagen peptides?

Why are collagen peptides gaining so much popularity? What exactly are collagen peptides? What are they for? Can they help me?

I am a firm believer in all peptides. While I have spent years not only learning and using many of them, I also can confidently say that if peptides aren’t part of your daily quest for health and longevity, then they should at least be a part of your skincare routine.

If not, you could be missing out on some huge benefits. While many people have heard of collagen peptides and possibly copper peptides, most have little understanding of what they really are and can honestly do. Its difficult to clearly understand what the real truth is at times, when the marketing of over the counter products is often catchy, luring and unfortunately, not always true.

Peptides themselves are these powerful chains of amino acids that form to make proteins. There are the building blocks of proteins that help keep us young both inside and out. Internally, peptides can provide a slew of benefits as they stimulate our pituitary gland to release our own bodies growth hormone. When our growth hormone pulses, it helps us with sleep, skin elasticity, weight loss or control, decreased inflammation, hair growth and overall mind and body optimization. The
benefits to our skin can include increasing the lack of elasticity to promoting youthful collagen and ultimately helping us to roll back those signs of aging.

Some of the most popular or perhaps most recognized peptides are those used in cosmetic products for anti-aging and overall skin health. Collagen peptide, is also known as collagen hydrolysate. These short chains of amino acids are derived from collagen and is produced by the hydrolysis process from type I collagen. Collagen peptides are more bioavailable, or easier to be better absorbed into the bloodstream due to shorter chains of amino acids as compared to collagen and gelatin or proteins. Collagen peptides are readily broken down into a form that can enter the bloodstream after digestion.

After consumption and absorption, collagen peptides absorb easily because they are smaller than proteins and more broken down than proteins. This helps them to travel throughout the body, rebuilding, repairing, and providing energy.

There are many choices available today for peptide therapies, collagen peptides and copper peptides. The best resource is always a licensed physician, and more importantly one who is trained or certified in peptide prescribing. There are several forms of collagen peptides including topical creams, injectables. There is no better time than now to start considering the incredible options that science is providing us with to feel better, look better and enhance the longevity of your life.

For more information on peptides, peptide therapies and collagen peptides, contact us today to find a local physician near you.

Serena Brock