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At PFMS, we offer a variety of programs to provide a comprehensive approach to Aesthetic Medicine. We believe that beauty starts from within and we take a multifaceted approach to anti aging and skincare. Our aesthetic programs are customized to help your achieve your goal based on your specific needs from head to tow. By using a tailored and thorough approach, we will reveal a difference in your skin’s health and appearance. We believe in preventing and reversing damage while preserving the skin that you’re in…Be Your Best Self!

We offer services like:

  • Neurotoxins
  • Dermal Filler
  • Fat Removal – Agnes, Kybel
  • PDO threads
  • Eye Rejuvenation – Agnes
  • Microneedling
  • Read more about our all-natural therapies and comprehensive services we offer below.

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Injectable treatments are one of the best alternatives to surgery, works for most population, and they help you to look an amazing appearance benefits, qualified and certified practitioners available to assist you


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Our technique capable of stand out your  look and lengthening a round face or styling a more square face.



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Vein Removal

Leg veins can hurt and can make you feel uncomfortable when trying to get in dresses and gym clothes like shorts. Sclerotherapy allows you to scar and close veins quickly, faster results can be visible even in weeks, check our patients results here

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Facial and body rejuvenation

Indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness. Our body just love being pampered, but have you experienced an optimal and whole rejuvenation? This procedure removes red spots, brown and sun damage, stimulates collagen, and provides you with a more youthful appearance


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Hair reduction

Aerolase, waxing? Keeping and improving a clean and soft look shouldn’t be a problem for you, as the most often hair removal treatment, it eliminates all your undesired hair, any question? Feel free to call us 




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Hyperpigmentation Types include melasma, age spots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is a harmless skin condition that people can get rid of. As professionals, our team can provide you with a customized treatment for you, just worry about show off your clean, radiant and beautiful skin



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Permanent Makeup 

Best Permanent Makeup Licensed esthetician practitioners near of your location. Any questions? Give us a call

Precision Fitness medical spa at MO 



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Spray Tanning

Competition prep. Our service provides a beautiful shiny tan in your skin




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Before and Afters/Testimonials

See our client, friends and community results, what they say and as most important how they look! Hundreds of happy clients share their experience.


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