Serena Brock

Recognized for building, transforming, and expanding companies to become market leaders. She is a serial entrepreneur as well as a consultant to others, with more than twenty-five years’ experience. Her expertise and proven success includes growing and diversifying medical spas, physician practices, home health agencies, financial firms, and law firms. Serena is a recognized expert and a sought-after speaker in the areas of company development, marketing and media, growth strategies, training, and brand development. Serena provides the vision and driving force for Regenerative Practices of America.
Her dynamic career includes leveraging her skills as a strategist, brand ambassador, venture catalyst, and media spokesperson to assist entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries in growing and enhancing their businesses, with proven expertise and success in business, marketing and team building. Serena has the rare ability to pinpoint market demands and integrate digital marketing techniques. She develops solutions anchored in brand integrity, consumer insights, and closely tracked return on investment.

Serena is accomplished at building, transforming, and expanding companies to lead their market by providing broad creative vision, while staying faithful to core missions and company values. Her experience includes both building for others, and owning for herself, medical spas, home health agencies, infusion nursing agencies and law firms. Her interest in hormone replacement therapies and subsequently, peptide therapies, began in 2008 when she partnered with a Charlotte-area surgeon to develop and launch hormone replacement vitamins and programs.

Serena has invested countless hours in the research, development, and deployment of a solid platform that delivers a full solution for medical practices desiring to expand and further diversify their practice. “We are not a general practice development firm, nor are we here to grow your overall patient base and revenues. We are here to deliver a robust level of education, training, and support that is led by industry experts. Key to our platform is tracking and measuring patient data and outcomes, and educating the public through real facts and kick-ass marketing across multiple media. If you are a physician looking to expand into this amazing area of medicine, there is nothing that our platform does not offer,” she said. Serena’s vision is to establish one of the strongest groups of medical doctors, each within their own respective area of practice, and foster collaboration among all the  physicians within the Regenerative Practices of America network. “Establishing shared best practices is just one of the strengths we not only offer, but will lead,” she emphasized.

“We have outstanding practitioners in the Regenerative Practices of America network. Our clinical education is led by some of the top physicians in the country, Not only do we share similar visions, we strive to provide the utmost in clinical education, training, and support while being able to use multiple resources and strategies to discuss, track, and continue to learn and build upon.”

The growing team at Regenerative Practices of America includes experts in other clinical tools, equipment and techniques, leadership development and growth, print and digital marketing, social media marketing, media and press, and electronic health record keeping.

Serena’s commitment to service and success is demonstrated by several notable achievements and affiliations which include:


National Association for Elder Law Attorneys
The Society of Financial Service Professionals
Wealth Counsel Advisors Forum
Academy of Special Needs Planners
The National Network for Estate Planning Attorneys
The Lupus Foundation
The Private Duty Home Care Association
The National Home – Hospice Association
The North Carolina Home Care Association
Top 50 Most Influential Women in the Carolinas
Top 300 List of Fastest Growing Businesses
Charlotte Business Leader, Mecklenburg County Business Movers and Shakers.

Her devotion and passion to giving back includes:

Lobbyist/Advocate for Home Hospice
North Carolina Government Section Affairs Committee
Board Chair, North Carolina Home Hospice
Board Chair, North Carolina Guardian ad Litem program
Board Chair and PR Chair, Lupus Foundation
Board Chair, World Orphans Day
Support Group Facilitator, Lupus Foundation
Committee Chair, Stars Foundation (Canada)
Committee Chair, Reach for the Rainbow (Canada)

Serena can be reached at