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Professional Hockey Player

“Having the opportunity to pursue my dream of playing hockey is one that many young boys long for.  Growing up in Canada, I started playing hockey at the age of 5. I went on to play AAA, WHL, AHL and ECHL. Unfortunately, due to illness, my NHL days were short lived.

I am thankful for the many years that I played, including the opportunity of my most memorable, 10 years with the Charlotte Checkers.  Unfortunately though, as any professional athlete will tell you – it doesn’t come without the sacrifice of the toll on your body.

The impact of playing, perhaps that many don’t understand, the body checks, the head trauma, separated shoulders, multiple breaks to the nose, skate blades to the face, the multiple hits, cuts, bruises, broken bones, contusions led to ankle surgery, rhinoplasty, reconstructive facial surgery, a hip replacement, daily inflammation and chronic pain that is almost unbearable, affecting every aspect of your next stage of life.  But yet, those years of playing were filled with amazing memories, team commoderity, highs and lows of competitive sport and my ultimate dream, fulfilled.”

Weight Loss

“My entire life I struggled with my weight. I tried many diets over the course of my life that didn’t work long term for my body type and what I needed. After doing some research I came across “Peptides of America”. At first I was taken back on all the information that I received because it almost sounded “too good to be true”. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s true! I started the program at a body weight of 182, body fat percent of 48, and size 14/ Large to extra Large. Two months into the program I was 170 lbs, body fat percent of 38, and a size 8/ medium. As I continue the program I continue to lose the weight and build muscle. With barely any exercise and a small change to my diet I can honestly say this program works! I’m happy with the results and the attention the staff gave me including their physician who supported me every step of the way. Thank you Peptides of America for helping me stay healthy.”


“As a Firefighter and someone who lives an active lifestyle, fitness, overall health, and recovery are essential to me. Being a firefighter is mentally and physically exhausting at times. My personal life consists of working out, triathlons, boxing, water sports, snowboarding and traveling. The Midwest is behind the times in anti aging therapies and medicine. I’m grateful to have come across Peptide Practices of America, they have fueled me with the proper supplements/medicine  not only to keep me healthy and active for along time but also to keep my immune system and overall health, top notch during the crazy times of Covid. Thank you guys so much for the great products and service.”

Angely marte
Bikini Fitness Competitor

“As a mother of 2, a woman in her mid-40s and someone who has been in fitness, peptides have been the answer to my fatigue, hormones imbalance, decreased lean mass and stubborn body fat. Peptides for me are a way of healthy aging and maintaining a lean body for years to come!”

Jamie Speiser
Body Builder Competitor

“ You have to do what others are unwilling to do, to be successful.”
Mens Heavy and Master BodyBuilding